I have worked on a number of projects that cover a wide variety of different data areas.  Here's a list of some of those projects. 


Personalization:  Created the entire personalziation program at Best Buy from the ground up.


Artificial Intelligence:  Leader on a project at Target pioneering customer identification, even when not logged in.


Machine Learning:  Used machine learning at a variety of jobs and clients for various projects like pricing, optimization and recommendation engines.


Deep Learning:  Used deep learning around facial recognition for in-store experiences, helping to better target our mobile messaging with the image recognition data.


Data Science:  Built of the first production level data science teams in retail and the Midwest.  Changed how retailers analyze data forever with this project.  I have also built several teams, hiring the data scientists, developers, designers and engineers. 


Big Data:  Built of the first production hadoop clusters in retail and the Midwest.  Changing the way retailers do business and analysis forever.  I have hired several teams around this practice at a number of companies.


Data Analytics:  Early adopter of Spark (2013), helping to pioneer how many are using it today.


Augmented Reality:  Created an app provided product information on the app when viewed.


Virtual Reality:  Experimented with various tools to help improve analytics productivity with VR.


Data Governance:  Created and took part in the creation of several data governance programs.


Data Strategy:  Built the data strategy practice for several large and small companies.


Data Leadership:  I manage and lead data teams and products.