Conferences I have Spoken At

I really enjoy giving presentations on the various topics of digital.  Here are a list of many of the events I have spoken at in the last few years.


FARCON 2017 - I spoke in two sessions at this conference.  As a panelist on the topic of Algorithms and Ethics and my own presentations on the Importance of Data Governance and Data Strategy for Data Science success.


Dev Jam 2017 – My presentation on The Team Ecosystem of Data Products, slides and video are available.


PDMA – Product Development and Management Group, took part in a panel discussion on the relationship between analytics and product management.


FARCON 2016 – A financial services and retail conference.  I along with David Quimby, gave a presentation on the Softer Side of Data Science


FARCON 2015 – A financial services and retail conference.  I gave a presentation on the topic of sustaining an innovation team.


Exl Medical Device Conference – As an outside of the industry expert, I spoke about trends in big data and personalization that can be used by medical device companies.


E-commerce Brazil – It was a real honor to be invited as a keynote speak to the 20th anniversary of E-commerce Brazil, it is the largest digital focused conference in Latin America.


Influence Conference –  I took part in this conference around the topic of retail and big data.


AMDIA’s Marketing Shake – A conference in Argentina that I spoke at on the topic of personalization.  I also lectured at a local university on the same topic.


Congress E-commerce, Customer Experience Brazil – A great conference that focused on the topic of the digital experience for customers.  The site is in Portuguese


Product Management and Data Conference – An event for product managers who wanted to better understand data and how to use new tools like hadoop in their product development.  I was there to present on the topic of data science team building.


American Marketing Association, Harnessing the Power of Big Data – speaking to a crowd of marketing pros on the use of big data in marketing.


Code Freeze – An annual event held at the University of Minnesota.  I was speaking on the topic of team dynamics in the digital world.


BigDataMN – I spoke on the topic if running a big data team.  Outside of Silicon Valley, few has experience on the topic at the time, I had already built such a team at this point and was happy to share my experience.


Data Mining Hackathon on Big Data – Not so much a presentation.  However I provided the data set and gave out the prizes at this event held in the Bay Area.  One of the first hackathons where a corporation gave a true data set for people to play with.  It created a lot of great feedback.


Lead Marketing Conference – I spoke on the topic of technology in retail