Speaking at an EXL Medical Event

This past August I was asked to present at a medical device conference.  This was my first time at such a conference.  I was presenting as an outside of the industry speaker to help show how retail was using digital.  It was a great experience as I learned a lot about how the two industry are so different yet of course, share many common traits.

InfraCommerce Write Up

If you speak Portuguese, this article may interest you.  It is a write up about a presentation I gave down in Brazil.  It relates to innovation teams and creating innovation products, lessons learned and why innovation is important.  If you don’t ready Portuguese, then use Google or some other translation tool to see it in your language of choice.


Write Up Link

My presenation at Marketing Shake in Argentina

Marketing Shake is a conference held in Argentina put together by Amdia, which is the South American version of AMA.  I was presenting on big data for marketers there.  It was a great experience to see what are some of the ideas in South America around the topic.  I also had a chance to lecture at a local university which was great.


See the presentation here